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Brake Repair

When it comes to driving safely, the brakes are the single most important part of any car. That’s because they allow you to stop at any time. If your brakes go out, it could lead to a potential life-threatening accident. Make sure that you get your brakes repaired and replaced regularly by coming to Kinsey Automotive, Inc.! We’ll have your car serviced in no time to make your experience with us a quick and satisfactory one.

Some warning signs that you need brake repairs include: a squealing or grinding noise when applying the brakes, a wobbling or vibrating sensation when applying the brakes, or the car pulling to one side while braking. You may also notice that you have a “soft” brake pedal that sinks all the way to the floor. Plus, if you notice brake fluid leaking, you likely need brake repairs! Do you notice any of these red flags? Come by our auto body shop today for quality, affordable brake repairs!